A great fit!

on April 18, 2019

Style: Armband | Size: Long | Color: Atmosphere Blue
A little bit more awesome than I expected, but that actually worked out better, LOL! The ads say they are the fastest and well, they really are just that. Very nice so far.

Sweet! They are super sweet!

on April 24, 2019

Style: Armband | Size: Longer | Color: Dragon Red
I received this arm band and gave to my husband, it fit wonderfully. Great material, great fit, and he is one happy camper but I am sad now......he will not share.

Boom! Time recovered!

on May 7, 2019

Style: Armband | Size: Long | Color: Shadow Black
It would be the perfect 5 stars ........ yeah if I could stop wearing it for awhile!. I am a person that likes to save time and it did help with that for sure but my obsession with saving time has me wearing them to sleep as I simply forget it is on my arm. Sad because look and grip and comfort is perfect, just as pictured.

  yes, yes, yes

on May 22, 2019

Style: Armband | Size: Longest | Color: Copper Flow/Black
Fast as F$%K!  I travel alot and I hold alot of stuff in my pockets and in my hand so I really needed something that would hold my most important navigator and social device for quicker access. Thank you guys for coming up with this OMG idea......Im sharing and posting and Im so glad I got 3 of them or mine would have been snatched up by now!  :)  

  We are so happy with this...

on May 28, 2019

Style: Armband | Size: Longer | Color: Platinum Gray
I have tried so many arm sleeve band type phone holders in the past few years and as I change phones and phone sizes regularly, I had to purchase a different one every time and they are soooooo slowww compared to this VIper magic I have now.  I have 2 sizes of phones, they fit, I frequently check my phones, takes 1 damn second.....and I wear alot of black and gray apparel and it looks good with everything!!!!!!!!   enough said, just go

  love it, hate it? I love it!

on June 4, 2019

Style: Armband | Size: Long | Color: Urban Smoke
When Im at the gym, its now easier,  when Im walking uptown, its now easier,  when Im at work, still easier, when Im playing with the kids, easier now,    ok, everything is now easier and I did think I would be disappointed since ive tried THEM ALL but this one is different.  Why was it keep a secret so long?  still giving it 5 stars. cheers.