STRONG details that make these the greatest mobile device grips / holders worldwide according to extensive research on the best materials worldwide and improved those materials to form VIPER360 DEGREES. THEY ARE:

  • ✔ The World's Fastest and grippiest grip!   
  • ✔ World-class 2018 All weather materials!
  • ✔ An industry-first 360 Degrees of GRIP!
  • ✔ The only Good Looking Arm GRIP! 

ALL VIPERS are made of 3 layers of premium Material.   

#1- The thin layer against your skin is a mix of Micro-fibers that consist of: Poly Satin, Nylon & Spandex for total comfort on any skin type.

#2- The middle layer is a new 2017 Premium Wetsuit Neoprene material that absorbs sweat and stays dry on the outside.

#3- The outer later is the new smooth and the World's best Micro-loop Polymer material that our Micro- Hook Stickers will immediately grip to with staying power. --------The very calculated V shape indentions we have added gives it extra stretch and extra air flow heat from your arms or legs so it doesnt get hot. Comfortable, lightweight, stretchy fabric molds and moves with your body while performing any activity. They are also called "Constrictors".